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The Start of BeMata

BeMata is the child project that was created from Influencer SA. Our Creators grew their own brands with us and from there we started expanding to alternative products, adding toys and games, kitchenware, baby products and beauty products. We are far from finished and our product list keeps growing each month. 

BeMata Founders

Eugene Wood

Founder & Head of
Business Strategy

Shimone van Staden

Co-Founder & Head of Digital Operations

Annette Schultz

Co-Founder & Head of
Research & Development


Annerie Kruger

Co-Founder & Head of
Business Development


Retha van Staden

Co-Founder & Head of
Web Development

Some Background

Services We Offer

We found ourselves working so closely with creators and saw an opportunity to create a platform where we connect the dot between Brands and Influencers, as well as create a platform to showcase and purchase creator brands and alternative products.

Influencer SA

We offer you the opportunity to get hired by brands, or to hire the appropriate Influencer for your brand. We also offer alternative digital services such as Goolge Ads, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Brand Marketing, 

Bemata Marketplace

BeMata Marketplace

Use our Marketplace as your playground. Become part of the family and start earning passive income by becoming an affilitate. You can promote specific brands or products, or BeMata as a whole. 

What We Aim For

Our Objective

We aim to enrich the lives of our Creators by including them in this platform. 

Live sports channels, Bemata TV, best Netflix series